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Agile Styling Coaching

Private Pro Masterclass with Julia Dobkine

Julia is a founder, innovator and style educator behind Agile Styling. As a certified image consultant, style coach and colour enthusiast, Julia’s innovative and holistic approach attracts millions of people on social media. As one of the top-ranked experts in the industry, Julia was featured on the NBC TV network and YouTube channels with a multi-million audience. 

Over the past ten years of hands-on experience, Julia developed her unique colour analysis technique to achieve the most accurate results both online and in-person. Now after helping thousands of clients to find their best colours, Julia would love to share her wisdom & knowledge with YOU! 

Agile Styling Academy offers a comprehensive one-on-one private class with Julia designed to cater to your unique needs! With our custom learning pathway, Julia will ensure that you receive specialized guidance and expertise in your chosen area.

Whether your aspiration is to elevate your Color Analysis skills or to dive into the world of Professional Image Consulting, Julia will make sure to give you individual attention and support that will fast-track your learning experience!

Agile Styling Academy’s goal is to help your professional growth and guide you toward building a successful and fulfilling career in the Colour Analysis industry!

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