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Agile Styling Services

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Colour Consultation

Discover a colour palette that’s complementary to your features. During your consultation, you’ll receive personalized recommendations for colours that best suit your skin tone. We’ll cover everything from clothes and jewelry to hair and makeup.

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Agile Styling Transformational Packages

Become your own stylist for life with a personalized Agile Styling Transformation package. As your style educator, I’ll cover:

  • your personality style

  • your body shape

  • your complementing cuts

  • your winning colours

  • and more!

Using my Agile Styling Approach, I’ll guide you through a full makeover. Agile Styling is a fast and easy approach to a full style transformation. Because it’s designed in little steps and stages, you’ll see results immediately. Plus, it’s a great way to overcome fears of change and challenges.

As a holistic approach, Agile Styling is a perfectly balanced method, incorporating psychology, mindset, health, personality, style, and fashion. Before every step, you’ll receive a readiness assessment to minimize any self-sabotaging tendencies that may arise. Rest assured you’ll receive loads of support at every stage of your personal transformation.

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Wardrobe Capsules

A capsule wardrobe is an easy and sustainable way to organize your clothes. This is a collection of classic pieces, helping you quickly create cohesive looks with just a few items. A capsule wardrobe is a great way to manage your busy days in style.

Using the Agile Styling method, we’ll categorize your clothing into sets based on your lifestyle, personality, and colour palette. From there, we’ll create a capsule that works for you. Feel confident when you get ready in the morning and quickly find your look with simple styling.

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Shopping Support

Piecing together the right outfit is a science. With my In-person and Online Shopping Support services, I’ll guide you through a personalized shopping experience. Let’s make shopping efficient and rewarding with purchases you’ll love to wear.

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Strategic Shopping Plan

When you don’t know what you’re looking for, shopping can be overwhelming and exhausting. If you find yourself making emotional purchases or buying clothes you don’t need, you could benefit from a Strategic Shopping Plan. I’ll help you to approach shopping trips with purpose so you can be in-and-out of the store, get exactly what you need, and look good in it.

Services: Projects
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