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Welcome to our Corporate Events! 

"This special service came to life after some really cool speaking events and corporate gigs last year. I had a blast sharing thoughts on the "Power of Color" in TV segments and doing quick color analysis sessions with big groups. The fun and positive vibes from those experiences made me want to officially offer this service to everyone."

- Julia Dobkine, Founder and CEO of Agile Styling

Invite Julia to your next event!

What is included in the Standard Corporate Group session:

  • "Power of Color" presentation

  • Zoom session for your group with a color profile walkthrough

  • Color theory training with special tips and strategies from Julia

  • Color psychology explained

  • Shopping Strategies

  • Color Matching training for Color Swatch and Digital Palette

  • Wardrobe transition strategies

  • Julia's secret techniques and pro-Color Analyst life hacks

  • Q&A with Julia


For each participant:

  • In-person Rapid Color Analysis Session

  • Personal Palette Plus

  • Swatch Wallet


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